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Logan Taylor
Conversion 3
Dafydd Price
Try 2
Thomas Gregory
Try 4
William Davey
Try 3
Hudson Mathias
Try 1
Oliver Cooke
Conversion 5
Try 1

Match Report
18 September 2016 / Team News

It has been a long time since the U11's played Cwmbran

The U11's were the only team home with all other age groups at the Penallta festival, the U11's have to wait until next week for their festival. Cwmbran were hit with illness so the game was played 10 aside. The Dale had one illness, but Gabriel was reluctant to miss out and was there to cheer the team on.  This week the Dale welcomed Jensen Cook to the team.

The Dale were quick out of the starting blocks with an excellent break from Hudson Mathias, Dafydd Price like good winger was in support, he shouted to Hudson, the ball was passed out for Dafydd to score the try, conversion Oliver Cooke.  Within seconds it was the other winger William Davey who was crossing the whitewash, conversion Oliver Cooke.  Dafydd nearly made it to the line for a second time, the ball was passed to Hudson Mathias to push through and claim the try, conversion Oliver Cooke.  A knock on by Cwmbran gave the Dale a scrum, Oliver Cooke had a good run but was penalised for holding on in the ruck.  The visitors were unable to maintain possession, William Davey picked up the ball from the ruck, excellent running and passing saw the ball go through Oliver Cooke and Logan Taylor before Dafydd Price crossed for his second, conversion Oliver Cooke. Cwmbran advanced to the half way and was nearly out of their half before turnover ball was fed out to William Davey to score.  Oakdale made substitutions, Oliver Cooke, William Davey, Hudson Mathias, Jensen Cook and Evan Evans came off for Thomas Gregory, Connor Thomas, Harvey Lyons and Rhegan McCulloch. 

Cwmbran caught the ball from the restart and ran up the touch line to put them on the scoreboard with a converted try. The ball went through a few phases of play before Thomas Gregory broke through the defence to score, with Logan Taylor making the conversion.  Cwmbran were awarded a scrum, the Dale defence were working as one pushing the visitors back into their own half before another knock this time gave the hosts the scrum.  Logan Taylor passed from the base of the scrum to Thomas Gregory to score.  Cwmbran took the ball to the half way line, at the ruck Thomas Gregory picked up the ball and was off to the try line for his hat trick, conversion Logan Taylor.

Half time Oakdale 52 – Cwmbran 7

The team was changed again and the second half got underway in a similar style to the first, this time it was Oliver Cooke who weaved his way through the defence to the try line.  From the restart the ball bounced and it was Thomas Gregory who was there to catch it and run in the try, conversion Oliver Cooke.  A free pass was awarded to Cwmbran by the hosts being in front of the kicker, the ball was soon back in the Dale possession, Connor Thomas had a great run and reached the try line but was penalised for handing off.  The team was changed again, Cwmbran made their way to the try line but was held back, Jensen Cook took the ball from the ruck, a knock on gave Cwmbran a scrum from which they scored.  Cwmbran had a player take a knock to the knee and with no subs we were down to 9 a side. Cwmbran restarted, the ball was passed to William Davey who used his pace to score, Logan Taylor converted. 

Oakdale 71 – Cwmbran 14

Unfortunately, Cwmbran suffered another injury to continue the game and give all players equal game time it was agreed for Oakdale to play a mixed Cwmbran/Oakdale side.  We saw a few more tries being run in before the final whistle.

Man of the Match – Dafydd Price

Unfortunately, the second injury for Cwmbran was a fractured collar bone, we wish the player a speedy recovery.

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