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Nisa Stores

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It was the brainchild of two grocery entrepreneurs – Dudley Ramsden and Peter Garvin who, in 1977, launched the company as the Northern Independents Supermarket Association to protect the interests of independents against the insurgence of the national supermarket chains. The company operated for 11 years from a meeting room in the Crown Hotel, Bawtry near Doncaster with 30 retailers and a total turnover of £20 million. The group grew dramatically over the next 20 years, attracting thousands of independent retailers to its membership, replacing ‘Northern’ with ‘National’ as it expanded and pioneered central distribution to independent stores to provide them the same benefits as multiples. Today Nisa is a £1.43 billion turnover company which exists to provide benefits to its members, operating almost 2,500 retail stores, and provides every service that an independent needs to survive and grow in the grocery marketplace. Over the years, Nisa has ensured the prosperity of thousands of retailers and with its renewed focus on the consumer now seeks to provide greater means to achieve success.Nisa has developed exponentially in the 36 years since it was established and with a bright future ahead, there will no doubt be many further developments to come as the business evolves to better meet the needs of its members.

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