Under 8s

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12/04/2018 17:03
Al-Fie Your Mind (And the Rest Will Follow)

Mud!! Kids love it, but it doesn’t bode well for a game of rugby. The last couple of weeks have either been a non-event or our running style of rugby has been severely hampered. With the rain abating on Sunday morning we all travelled the short distance to play near-neighbours Abercarn and a fine spring time morning. A minute’s silence was impeccably observed by all players and then the Apples stepped onto the smallest pitch in the history of Under 8s knowing that the home coaches knew our strengths and therefore looked to combat our pace and verve. Elliot Hall captained the side on the da.....


Colin Scott @ColinSc62752351
21/04/2018 23:13:14
End of the season lots of highs a lot of lows #upthedale https://t.co/9cqR3T9lxn
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Oakdale RFC @OakdaleRFC
21/04/2018 16:55:28
@MachenRugby Great rugby by both sides in 100° ☀️☀️☀️☀️ ☀️ good luck for the rest of the season and see you next year


Gareth H H Jones @GarethHHJones1
21/04/2018 16:26:55
@RhiwSyrDafydd @OakdaleMiniRugb @Nigelrefowens oakdale u7s having a great day out at Pencoed tournament.… https://t.co/k9u3iSXwE8
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Oakdale RFC @OakdaleRFC
21/04/2018 16:17:40
Full time: @OakdaleRFC 34 (6T) - 27 (5T) @MachenRugby @AllWalesSport