ORFC Joke Shop



Rolly 'Lookalike' Glasses

You too can be 'the man' with these replica thick rimmed bins as worn by our dashing loose head Scott Evans. Made from unbreakable Thermalite using space age technology these beauties will get you through any weekend bender and a couple of days on the lash too. Yes you too can be a legend when you slip these babies on. It's just like being in a Linx advert........

                 Yours for only £34.99 (plus P&P)


The Tovey Tuft

Don't feel as much of a man as you want to be? Have trouble growing a facial crown. Then look no further than this beauty. Cut from the hair of a thousand Phillipino boys this beautifully crafted beard will set hearts racing when you walk in through the door. No longer will you feel inadequate, no longer will you be that babyfaced bloke on the side of the dancefloor. Just put this on and watch the heads start to turn.

                   Only £379.99 (plus P&P)


Veall Cheeks

Think you look a little peaky? Want to show everyone your colourful character? Get in the swing with this latest fashion craze with the Dale's very own hooker cum fly half.. Just slap this on your face and watch as you become a babe magnet much to the envy of all your friends. Available in two colours - hillside mountain farmer and windy windy night

                                            Only £79.99 (plus P&P) comes with free box of tissues


The 'Bring Back Pricey' Mug

He left us too soon. Our Player of the Year in the 2012/2013 season Matthew Price was a consistent performer for the Dale. Always one to motivate his teammates he never shyed away from a collision or a tackle and played his part in many a victory for the club. If it wasnt for those terrible events that fateful presentation night he would still be with us. Show your support for the return of 'Pricey' with the purchase of this unique piece.

          Only £12.99 (plus P&P) £12.98 from every purchase goes to the Get Pricey Back fund


Gavla's Ginger Strings

A once in a lifetime offer no-one should be able to refuse. Gavin 'The Ginger Prince' Price has kindly donated four months growth to the Oakdale Club Shop for what is the stand out product in our range. You too can feel the force. Some say these little beauties have special powers. Known to heal the sick and cure the lame, a pocketful of these little strips of magic could change your life forever.

          Only £299.99 (plus (P&P) comes in their own sticky tissue


Five Rounds with our Fijian Wrestler

Think you shape up in the ring? Want to test yourself against the best? Our very own Fijian Wrestler Paul Collins will take you on for a memorable time of man love. Get oiled up and grapple with the best. We promise he will be gentle with you but we can't promise you will leave the ring the same person as before you went in. He's hot, he's hard and he's yours for fifteen minutes you'll never forget.

             Only £165.79 (plus P&P) bring your own spandex


Barber's Butt

You know that time, everyone has been through it. You're stood on the side of the pitch and you should be watching an engrossing game of rugby but you just can't. You just seem drawn to one thing and one thing only, Barber's butt. You think how can he be so old but have still have an arse like Beyonce? Well do not fear! ORFC have just the thing for you. Slip this baby on and we swear you wont be able to stop yourself looking in the mirror - it's Barber-tastic........

                 Yours for only £129.99 (Pkus P&P) comes with jar of vaseline to get them on



Dewi's Sock

We've had this knocking around the shop for a while now. We've used it at Christmas as a stocking, we've used it in the winter as a scarf. Tried our best to find a matching one in our kit room but had no success. Not sure what anyone would want with one sock but it's not like he needs it anymore is it? Could become a collector's piece in years to come the way he still plays the game.

               A bargain price at £3.99 (Plus P^P) available in kids size 4 only


Benidorm Tour Pack

Been kicked out of your local swimming pool for doing the Salmon? Your local just ain't like Cafe Benidorm at 3 in the morning? Do not fear! Here we have our little pack which will transport you right back to the coast of Costa Blanca. Just make sure you are ready by ten in the morning with three pints at the ready and this quartet of unforgettable products will let you host your own kangaroo court. Just don't let your Mam see your dirty kecks afterwards (and don't ask her to wash the caramel out of your crack either)

          Only £14.99 (Plus P&P) comes with its own sick bag