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Molson Coors

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At Molson Coors, we have our sights set on becoming a top-tier global brewer. We hire the best talent and then provide an environment of career development, growth and success.

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A Love Of Great Beer - Beer is our passion, heritage and future. We work tirelessly to delight the world’s beer drinkers. A Passion For Creating Extraordinary Brands - Our global beer portfolio has more than 100 brands. We’ve got a long and successful history of creating local and international brands our beer drinkers love. A Dedication To Innovation - We are always looking for ways to challenge the expected and bring something new and exciting to our beer drinkers, whether it's our Cold-Activated cans and bottles or the world's first microcarbonated lager. A Business Built On Responsible Practices - We believe integrity, respect and accountability have to be a part of everything we do, everywhere we are, or it’s not worth doing.

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